About Us

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, we provide the finest court reporting and captioning/accessibility services in the Asia Pacific region. We excel in the provision of high-quality services using innovative technologies. Our customer service is second to none and the foundation on which we build relationships with our clients.

Our Point of Difference – Promoting Equal Access and Inclusion

Established by Jason Bradley in 2004, our firm has a focus on promoting an inclusive and accessible community via live stenocaptioning services. Also, our onsite court reporting and videography teams travel to any location in the Asia Pacific, reporting U.S. depositions and, for Australian courts, providing videography and court reporting for non-ambulatory witnesses giving personal injury evidence in a care or home setting.

Since 2004, our client base has expanded from litigants in the justice system to those seeking live stenocaptioning in the education, government and corporate sectors. Our innovative live stenocaptioning service, first available to deaf and hard of hearing participants in Australian courtrooms, is now found in lecture theatres and conference venues across the Asia Pacific. Bradley Reporting is particularly committed to providing live captioning for deaf and hard of hearing professionals and helping to overcome barriers to effective communication. Our video subtitling and foreign language services promote a more inclusive community that supports people’s basic human right to accessible communication in their first language.

We continue to work with clients to deliver services that comply with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, anti-discrimination legislation and broadcasting codes of practice.

Our Values

Bradley Reporting believes in everyone being given a fair go. As such, our services promote fairness and equity – in the legal system and in educational and workplace settings. Our services are culturally sensitive, confidential and based on transparent pricing.