Parliamentary Captioning/Reporting

We offer clients a full Hansard production service for both committee and chamber proceedings.

Bradley Reporting offers clients a full Hansard production service.

Our stenocaptioned live text can also be integrated into Hansard production systems for editing by either our reporters or the client’s text editors. Bradley Reporting has expertise in every facet of Hansard production, including system design, data capture, workflow management and content creation, metadata, publishing and digital convergence.

Why not contact us to find out how our Hansard consultancy can become a trusted solutions provider helping your organisation maintain innovative, legislatively compliant and efficient Hansard service delivery.

Our public records consultancy and production services are also available to local governments across Australia. We can implement legislatively compliant and cost-effective solutions for representatives to reach their constituencies and maintain public records via innovative platforms for text and audio/video capture and electronic publishing and video streaming.